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What is the impact of the Emotional Intelligence course?

It is a space and time when we can talk about important things for people and look at how they can think and do differently in emotional health, communication and conflict resolution. It helps people to adapt to a new country and get support.

To hear feedback from participants please visit our testimonials page.

Is the course only for Ukrainian refugees?

No, it can be for and community in the UK, especially those who are struggling with issues of integration and their own experiences of displacement. We have started the course for Ukrainian refugees because we are Ukrainian and that is our shared experience. As we gather more feedback and grow our course we would be interested in working with other communities that have settled in the UK.

Why did you decide to start this project?

We left our home in Odesa, Ukraine after the Russian invasion in 2022. We know how it is important to get support and how difficult and traumatic starting a new life in a foreign country can be. We were delivering educational projects in Ukraine before all of this happened. When we arrived here we decided to apply our skillset to support people in Scotland, both displaced Ukrainians and the local Scottish people trying to help them.