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a modern and safe way of dispute resolution

Mediation helps those in conflict or disagreement participate in conversations that would be too problematic to hold constructively without a trained mediator. It is a structured process of negotiation to help parties underline the issues and look for options for coming out of difficult situations. 

The key principle of mediation is that it is confidential and voluntary, allowing both parties to come to a mutually acceptable outcome.

Benefits of Mediation


Parties give their consent to take part in mediation and can go out of mediation at any moment.


Within the standard limits of the law, everything discussed throughout the mediation is private. Any notes and coming agreements in mediation are not stored and will be destroyed in the end. Parties can decide what information will be shared.

Without prejudice

Mediators are not called upon in any future procedures should mediation not resolve the issue


The mediator is absolutely impartial, taking no one’s side, give no advice or recommendation to the parties about possible options of solving the conflict.


The procedure and time of mediation are set up by the parties and mediator.

Self determined

The parties are the “experts” about their situation. In mediation, they speak for themselves, think for themselves, and decide for themselves. The people directly involved plan their futures, not needing to rely on external authorities to decide and enforce.

Accreditation and membership

Scottish Mediation Register

Scottish Mediation Register

Hanna Dushkova is a Scottish Mediation registered mediator and has been practising law in Ukraine (LLM) since 2013. She offers mediation services in English and Ukrainian.

St Andrews Accredited Course

St Andrews University Mediation Service

Vitalii Diakov has finished Accredited Mediation Course at St Andrews University in 2023. The course was focused on developing basic mediation skills and getting experience through workplace cases.

Deutche Anwalt Academie

Deutsche Anwalt Akademie Logo

In 2018 Hanna Dushkova became certified as a mediator by DeutscheAnwaltAkademie (DAA), Mediator Gmbh (Germany) allowing her to mediate conflicts.

The League of Mediators of Ukraine

The League of Mediators of Ukraine Logo

In 2019 Hanna was certified as a family mediator by the League of Mediators of Ukraine (Ukraine, Kyiv). She currently offers mediation online all over the world via video call, and offline in Scotland.

Family / Institution Mediation

Legal Aid Workshop

Hanna conducted training on emotional intelligence for organisations and workers of legal aid in Ukraine. She also worked with Volunteering projects in the Odesa and Kherson regions.

Workshop on Parents Day

Hanna spent more than 4 years working as a mediator for a Ukrainian school and resolving the various conflicts which happen in the school environment. 

She has specific experience working with children, parents, and families and how they interact and engage with institutions.

Employability workshop

Hanna is passionate about the power of communication skills, non-violent communication and Emotional Intelligence and teaches on these topics.

Emotions in the kids world

This work has included sessions for groups of Ukrainian refugees in Spain and Ukrainian refugees in Scotland.

Volunteering Mediation Services in the Time of War

Since July 2022 she has been volunteering and participating in the 1-year program Family Mediation in the Time of War. The purpose of this project is to offer free online mediation for Ukrainian families affected by the war and to assist parents in cross-border family disputes that affect the interests of children, in the search for a peaceful, mutually acceptable way out of the conflict.



This work has been particularly pertinent as families have been displaced inside and outside of Ukraine’s borders, separated from one another and loved ones lost. In this traumatic and stressful environment, the benefits of reaching a peaceful, mutually acceptable way out of the conflict are greater than ever.



If you would like to hire Hanna as a mediator or find out more information about this side of her work, please contact us and she will get back to you shortly.

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