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Feedback from participants

“Reducing stress”
“Feeling cosy and comfortable”
“Getting more self-understanding”
“Structuring of knowledge and experience”
“Great opportunity to learn”
“Communication with other Ukrainians is really important”

💭… “I gained practical experience through discussion and debate. We were able to work in groups. During the learning process, we expressed ourselves freely and openly, which contributed to motivation.”

💭… “The learning process was interesting, meaningful, instructive for me, I took a lot of new and useful things for myself. At first there was fear and confusion because everyone was a stranger to me, but at the same time there was interest in what would happen next. Then, after communicating and staying together for a while, relief came, peace was felt, joy, confidence, and gratitude to all who were at the project and to the organisers and participants appeared. I wanted to continue the project because the time allotted for this project was not enough. I hope that we will meet again after the completion of all groups participating in this project. Thanks))”.

💭… “The learning process was educational. Everything contributed to easy and relaxed communication. It was quite easy for me to share my emotions and experiences. I would like more such trainings and learn more new topics.”

Feedback from Dundee City Council staff members

“I liked the visuals and being able to relate the training to my own life”

“It was interesting finding out more about how many emotions we have and how to deal with them. And how others may deal differently”

“Very good mix of materials, interactive experience and kept the audience interested and engaged well done”

“Absolute amazing, really enjoyed the session and feel it has majorly benefitted me”