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We Help Communities, Organisations and Refugees Communicate Better

Using a unique set of skills from Mediation, Conflict Resolution, Emotional Intelligence, Non-Violent Communication

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Hello, we are Hanna and Vitalii. We are certified mediators and communication skills trainers 

Since we left our home in Odesa after the invasion of Ukraine in early 2022, we have used our knowledge and skills to deliver emotional resilience and communication skills workshops for refugee groups, given talks on our experience and delivered training for local councils to help them more effectively and empathetically engage with communities, especially refugees.


Together Emotional Intelligence Training™
is a 12-hour educational program focusing on group learning, gaining new knowledge through using contemporary methods in a safe atmosphere, and applying the best outcomes in daily life.

Structure of the course

  • Theory of Conflict

    Recognizing the causes and dynamics of conflict, addressing needs and interests, and creating a negotiating strategy.

  • Emotional Intelligence

    Developing stress resilience and empathy through self-management, as well as understanding other people's emotions and motivation.

  • Non-Violent Communication

    Methods for handling difficult conversations while keeping conscious, applying listening skills, and facilitating win-win outcomes.

  • Cultural Diversity

    How to build cross-cultural connections, help those who have experienced trauma, and examine different cultural behavioural patterns.

Develop Self Awareness

Recognise your own emotional state so that you can manage your feeling and reactions and feel happier and more content.

Listen Better

Use active listening techniques to properly hear and understand others and make sure that they feel heard too.

Manage Emotions

Use tools to recognise and manage your own emotions, and feel up to 50% less negative emotion in your daily life.

Hear Toxic Communication

Use tools and strategies to hear when someone is using toxic communication and still be able to work with them.

Recognise Needs

Once you can recognise and meet your own needs on a daily basis you will feel happier and more meaningful.

See Culture Differences

Recognise cultural differences and communication styles so that you can work more effectively with others.

Feedback from Course & Workshop Participants

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    Unique events

    since 2022

    Working with all sectors our mission is to use our skills to help organisations better cope with and understand refugees, to empower refugees to integrate into Scottish communities and build trustful relationships between them.

    33 in-person workshops
    for 398 adults and kids

    17 online webinars
    for 574 refugees, students and professionals

    Build a network in all sectors
    from local communities to organisations,
    social enterprises and businesses


    Emotsiya is a project named after the Ukrainian word for “Emotion,” which aims to explore and understand our feelings.

    Through webinars and online workshops, we unveil the depth and significance of emotions, unraveling their impact on our lives and empowering individuals with the knowledge to navigate and manage them effectively.

    Emotsiya acts as a bridge between languages and cultures, harmonizing the universal understanding of emotions and fostering a sense of connection and well-being for participants across borders.

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    Further details

    • This training is currently available to councils in the UK and other charities and organisations. For pricing information please get in touch.
    • If you have a local community group and would like to receive the training, we offer some reduced rates. 
    • We crowd fund through our GoFundMe page and use the proceeds to deliver free sessions to communities in need that cannot get any other funding. Please note that we are a UK based social entrepreneurship, not a registered charity and therefore cannot accept donations or associated tax benefits in the same way.

    About Us

    UkrainiansTogether.UK was founded by lawyers and mediators Hanna Dushkova and Vitalii Diakov after they arrived in Dundee, Scotland as refugees from Odesa, Ukraine.

    Their training utilises their interests in theories of conflict, non-violent communication and emotional intelligence, as well as building on their own experiences to deliver something highly useful and unique.