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Understanding your emotions will lead to a better and healthier life

Through our work on the Ukrainians Together project we have gathered our experience and designed products that could be useful for improving awareness and understanding of emotions.

Our takeaways from Ukrainians Together

Through our work on the Ukrainians Together project we have gathered our experience and designed products that could be useful for improving awareness and understanding of emotions.

We believe that improving emotional awareness and communication skills will lead to a better and healthier life. By understanding some of the different types of emotions, we can gain a deeper understanding of how these emotions are expressed and the impact they have on the behavior. Admitting and accepting emotions leads to relief and connection with ourselves.

Also, we hope our experience could bring and keep the peace we all praying for Ukraine and other parts of the world affected by war.

Everything starts with Emotsiya (emotion)

We are happy to announce that we started the Emotisya project to deliver information about what we know about emotions and how to manage them.

So what is Emotsiya? Emotsiya is a Ukrainian word that is translated as emotion. Actually, it came to modern use from French émotion, from émouvoir ‘excite’, based on Latin emovere ‘move out’. Basically, emotion is something that comes from the inside out. A famous Pixar cartoon film about emotion has the same name Inside Out

We choose the word Emotsiya (Emotions) because it means a lot to us. Every day we are full of emotions and understanding those feelings is key to our well being. 

We share our knowledge and practical tips on the Emotsiya Facebook page and Youtube channel. Please follow and share with your friends 🙂

How we came up with the idea?

During March we were preparing for the training in Aberdeen and designing materials. Visual materials, like presentations and flipcharts, are really helpful and play an important role in absorbing and memorizing information.

As we also do practical exercises, we needed some materials that will help participants to get new skills through activities. 

Leaving Ukraine we brought some educational staff. We have left our favourite cards with emotions and needs that we used in our workshops. So we decided to design our own cards 🙂 

We were discussing this idea with our friend Daisy McGowan and she suggested taking the Ukrainian word «Emotsiya» because it best highlights our project and relates to Ukraine. 

We were not sure about the name «Emotsiya cars» until we hold cards in our hands and said, «Yes, we love them!»

Emotsiya Cards™

Emotsiya cards are a set of 

  • 32 cards of emotions and feelings designed in gold color to show it is a treasure 
  • 32 cards of needs designed in green color to show that it is a garden of our self care

How Emotsiya cards could be useful?

Identifying emotions and needs seems to be an easy task but from our experience, most people have a basic understanding of emotions and when they feel them but they don’t think about why they feel those emotions. 

It could be easy with explaining anger because someone hit your car or happiness because you get a desired gift. But what with such emotions as frustration, anxiety, and fear? 

There are a lot of mixed emotions that we are not paying attention to and don’t know how to realize them. The way to help ourselves is to understand what caused that feeling.

Here is one way you can use Emotsiya cards

  • Look over all cards of emotions and take aside which is not express your emotional state, look at those you have chosen and focus on the main 3 cards
  • Look over all cards of needs and try to find cards which are responding to those emotions you have chosen previously

Doing this exercise every day will help you develop your emotions and needs vocabulary and raise your awareness. Also, it is helpful to analyze some difficult situations and experiences.

If you are interested in getting a set of Emotsiya cards™

Please get in touch and we will arrange a delivery for you.