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Education project on emotional intelligence

We are Vitalii and Hanna, a Ukrainian family from Odesa. We moved to Scotland because of the war. We are both lawyers and have experience and skills in resolving disputes and conducted education courses for professionals on emotional intelligence and non-violent communication.

We found out that it would be a good idea to start an education project for families who were resettled from Ukraine to Scotland because of the war.

Why it is important

The war brought grief to every Ukrainian family. Since February 2022, more than 12 million people have been forced to leave their homes and seek safe housing in other regions of the country and abroad.

The Scottish Government accepted more than 30 000 visas for Ukrainian refugees. Now more than 20 000 people have already arrived in Scotland on Super Sponsor Program.

Staying in a foreign country is not easy, specifically for those who have a language barrier.

This leads to the deterioration of the person’s emotional state and increases the level of tension, stress, and aggression. People had not had such an experience before so it is tough to deal with emotions and uncertainty.

People need support and practical skills to learn how they can self-regulate. Ignoring a problem will only lead to the destruction of relationships within families and sharply increase conflicts amongst Ukrainians and also between Ukrainians and Scottish people.

The main goals of the project

  • Emotional support for Ukrainian refugees via on educational sessions
  • Providing practical skills training on how :
    • to identify and cope with their and other`s emotions, 
    • to communicate peacefully 
    • to increase their emotional awareness
  • Helping Ukrainian refugees to socialize and integrate in local community

Healthy communication are the basis of feeling happy. 

The outcome of the project

Will help Ukrainian families

  • become independent
  • find jobs and accommodation
  • reduce the cost spent on benefits