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UkrainiansTogether.UK is a partnership
founded by Vitalii Diakov and Hanna Dushkova.
We a lawyers from Odessa, Ukraine, currently living in Scotland.

Our intention is to help organisations more effectively and empathically engage with their new residents, and to help Ukrainians deal with that trauma and allow them to better integrate and move forward with their lives thus contributing to the local economy and community.

Having experience in resolving conflicts as in legal procedures and alternative dispute resolutions we can offer our knowledge and skills in emotional support, basic communication skills, and resolving conflicts peacefully transforming them into educational courses that were already held in Ukraine before the war.

We can deliver our courses and workshops in English or Ukrainian depending on the audience.

If you would like to work us now,  you can visit Hanna LinkedInVitalii’s Twitter
or view Hanna’s profile on the Scottish Mediation website.

Check our Facebook Page to follow the new project “Hidden Talents” in collaboration with The Circle CIC.

To read more about Ukrainians Together at Dudhope Castle here.